Info Updates

January 15/18
 Trail 10 at the south end of Haliburton Lake to Trail “E” is closed due to logging.  Haliburton Lake will be staked to give local snowmobilers northbound access to Trail “B” north to Whitney or south to Eagle Lake and the “E” Trail intersection.  (18-1)
 Trail B103 at Haliburton Lake Road/County Road 14. A large outdoor advertising billboard has narrowed a portion of the trail causing a slight reroute
January 2/18
Trail #7  rerouted at Hilltop Road (Soyers Lake area). There was trespassing over the summer  and  the landowner revoked permission.  
January 2/18
E Trail, four kilometers east of Trail #10 watch for “Logging Operations” signs. The landowner generously widened the trail to allow shared use between sleds and trucks.  Expect short delays.
Patience and courtesy are important.

Let`s all ride safely.  

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