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RAP. Ride Around the Park. 

     This is Ontario’s premier showcase 750 kilometre tour where spectacular vistas and the Canadian Shield await.   This is a self directed turn key ride that takes away the guesswork. You book your accommodations and follow the on-trail RAP signs with plenty of amenities and fuel stops enroute. 

     The RAP Tour is close to the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and U.S. Border States.  Taking three to four days following the TOP  (Trans Ontario Provincial)Trail Route or extend it by riding some of the interconnected regional trails.  There’s so much to see and do in Haliburton County; everything from a floating snowmobile bridge to an abandoned railway line.  Our portion of RAP is the only part of the ride that actually goes through Algonquin Park ! Stay and stage here at one of our accommodation partners.  

     More than a dozen snowmobile friendly communities await.  Where else can you depart, ride and return to where you started ?  We invite you to visit and the Supporting Businesses link and start planning your RAP ride. 

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     The HCSA Forest and Rails Loop (FAR) is a family friendly  snowmobile adventure in the central part of our trail system touching the communities of Minden Hills,  Haliburton and Carnarvon.  This 4 to 5 hour ride is perfect for a non snowmobilers who wants a taste of Haliburton’s premier outdoor winter experience.  Best of all it is self directed you ride at your own pace,  not the pace of a tour guide.

     Start where you wish and ride this 75 kilometre loop, with  lots to see;  Mount Minden, relax in Minden Village,  a floating snowmobile bridge across the Gull River, the  Minden Whitewater Preserve a world class canoeing and kayaking course,  touch the Hamlet of Carnarvon, get a taste of Ontario’s number one snow tour,  the RAP,  Round Algonquin Park for a few kilometres.

     Did you know that portions of this trail are older than Canada ?   the Peterson Colonisation Road is on this section of you ride. Closer to Haliburton Village ride through Glebe Park home of Haliburton’s Museum and Arts communities.  Go slow and you might even see something from the Sculpture Forest.

     Lake riding awaits,  Head Lake. Do not stray from the orange markers check out our locomotive and Avro aircraft,  relax in Haliburton village.  Heading south from Haliburton you’re riding the Rails,  the former Victoria Haliburton Railway.

     At Donald, at the Trail 9 intersection look into the bush see the abandoned Standard Chemical plant. In its day one of the County’s largest employers.  Further on the Richie Falls bridge,  then the hamlet of Gelert which in its day was the railway staging area for Minden Hills.  A large station once stood near the cemetary.  Now head back to Minden and Mount Minden.   

     You’ve just ridden the FAR LOOP.   Lot’s of food, accommodations, and fuel availability along the way.  Oh one other thing,  don’t forget the camera.

Numerous driveways  and intersecting
roads on the FAR LOOP

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