2025 Ontario Trail Permits go on sale Tuesday October 1st, 2024
Permit fees for the 2024 Ontario Snowmobile Season are below.

Permit Type

Purchase Date


Seasonal*   Gift Cards

Oct 1 – Nov 1

Nov 2 – Dec 2

Dec 2 onwards




Classic** Gift Cards

Oct 1 – Nov 1

Nov 2 – Dec 2

Dec 2 onwards




Multi Day Permits***

Available Dec 2 onwards


*$7.50 processing fee applies for each permit purchased.
**Classic Permit for snowmobiles with a model year of 1999 and earlier (based on registration and ownership).
***Minimum two consecutive days.


Trail Availability Click Below


 WELCOME TO HALIBURTON‘S PREMIER OUTDOOR EXPERIENCE. The HCSA has 370 kilometers of trails for you to discover. We have a bit of everything; an abandoned rail line, portions of our trails older than Canada, dense forests, open spaces, the only recognized trail through Algonquin Provincial Park, lake travel that‘s staked, and lots of vistas on the way. It‘s all signed and ride ready. Don‘t forget your camera.

Enjoy our two self directed tours, the world famous RAP Tour (Round Algonquin Park) a 3 to 5 day adventure, or if you are curious about snowmobiling explore our FAR Loop, Forest and Rail, a five hour run. Family friendly, close at hand, perfect for the first timer.

 The HCSA is a proud partner of Snow County Snowmobile Region, our regional association and a long time member of the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs.

Click below for more details.

Club Meetings

The HCSA meets monthly and you are more than welcome.
  For Zoom access or to attend in person email admin@hcsa.ca

We look forward to seeing you.


Exceptionally generous landowners allow winter use of their properties for our enjoyment. This means so much to the HCSA, we are so grateful. Your woodlot,  your hydro right of way, your wide open space gives us the opportunity to see Haliburton at its best.  Landowners bring visitor dollars to our communities helping small business.  Our heartfelt thanks for all you do.   You make a difference. 

Our Partnerships

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